Bolonka Zwetna

Bolonka Zwetna
Bolonka Zwetna
Hello. My name is Banja of Stadtweg.
First of all I want to thank you for visiting our BOLONKA web page.
Here you can find some interesting facts about our quintet. Furthermore
you can see many pictures of us.

Bolonka Zwetna
Little Finchen.
This story I have to tell you. The son of my owner has a BOLONKA, too.
When she visited him in 2006 she immediately felt in love with the little BOLONKA
girl. Because of that my BigBoss had to do some research on the internet after they
went home. I supposed he called many people too because he was searching for a
BOLONKA girl and she should have brown hair. In search of this BOLONKA girl he
came up against my former family. By the way: I was born on April 13th 2006.
I was the youngest and a little bit at the end of my tether because of
the noise my aunts and mother made. Therefore I was hiding myself in the
nook of a sofa when the doorbell was ringing.
The hole clamat crew run to the door.
This July 17th should become a special day in my life.
The dog breeder informed the two visitors that I am the little
BOLONKA girl who hasn´t found a new home yet.
My new family head didn´t need any time to think.
I had the feeling that BigBoss embosoms me immediately.
When I say BigBoss, I really mean it. Anyway he weights 40 times
as much as I am. And at the moment my weight is 3,1 kilo.
Bolonka Zwetna
Now we were ready to go towards Meiningen. My BigBoss has a big car, too.
It was the first time in my life I went by car and it wasn´t so bad,
but after half of the distance I had to regurgitate in the car.
But since my boss is very nice he doesn´t made any trouble
about that situation.
Today such things doesn´t happen. Quite the contrary, I love traveling
by car. By the time I hear the keys rattling I get very excited.
By the way, my BigBoss appoints me boss of our dog quintet. Later I will tell
you more about.