Bolonka Zwetna

Bolonka Zwetna
Bolonka Zwetna
So, I´m back again, BANJA the leader of the team like the
americans would say. Now I would like to tell you something
about our new home.
We, that means the Krummrichs and our quintet, are living in a house
in Meiningen. Meiningen is situated between the Thuringian forest and
the mountain called Rhön. In addition to that the new so called
Thuringian forest freeway A 71 is very near. If we go abroad to show´s
we only have to drive ten minutes until we´re on the freeway.
My BigBoss told us that a man lost about 100.000 euro in the show "Who wants
to be a millionaire" because he didn´t know that the longest freeway
tunnel is situated in Thuringia and not in Hamburg.
If you have 100.000 euro you can buy a lot of dog food and goodies.

When I was the only BOLONKA girl in our house I ate chicken meat
with oat flakes the most time. Actually I don´t eat
that much but if I smell chicken meat I can´t wait to eat.
Since our three foreigners in the team we become fodder more often.
Bolonka Zwetna
Little BONEY on her feeding bowl.
Bolonka Zwetna
Janosch besides his feeding bowl.
I can tell you that´s not always so easy. JANOSCH brought his own dog feed.
INA, JULE and BONEY did that, too. I don´t like any of what they brought.
Then my BigBoss loses his patience and mixed all together. Now it looks very
colorful but it´s ok. Now everyone can eat what they like.
In our house we live on three floors. It´s very comfortable here.
Everywhere you look around you can find caves and punnets. Fodder you can find nearly
everywhere, too. We don´t have to go up and down stairs, our BigBoss bears us.
They say it is neccessary to take care of our young joints. But sometimes it tooks
too long so JANOSCH and I walk. If our BigBoss sees us walk up stairs he got some
kind of angry and scolds us.
Bolonka Zwetna
Boney and Jule in their punnet.
By the way, we sleep in the bedroom. There we find our punnets with
smooth blankets. Actually we would like to sleep in beds but our
BigBoss doesn´t like this idea. Sometimes his wife allows us
to sleep in her bed but that´s a secret.

Bolonka Zwetna
The spring rises.
They say we live in the city but our house is situated near the forest.
Just a few meters away a spring rises named "Kreuzbergquelle". Our boss
often takes us for a walk to the spring. A hundred years ago the spring
supplied many people living in Meiningen with drinking water.
Sometimes we´re just playing in the garden. At this race I´m
mostly the fastest by the way.
All in all we´re fine.