Bolonka Zwetna

Bolonka Zwetna
Bolonka Zwetna

Our Team in 2009

Hello friends! I know I donít reported a long, long time ago. But itís hard to stand. Last time, I had babies of my own and I know how hard it is, but at this time it blows up all my introductions!
Bolonka Zwetna
You know, at the first time of the year almost everybody was pregnant. First of all our AYLEEN after her INA and last but not least the little BONEY. But not our JULE, thank god! Because of being nice, she was ďcertificateĒ- pregnant. And everybody give birth to 4 beautiful puppies. At the time they were small and they drunk and slept everything was ok, but now itís very hard to stand. Our Big Boss is busy all day long with the little puppies.
This means all length of nose to dispose of papers and heapies. Our luck is that our neighbor is a paper man and we get sometimes a pile of newspapers. The little puppies are very loud and bark the whole time. Iím very glad about the babies, when theyíre sleeping. But this isnít a long time. Bolonka Zwetna

I hope that until May the ďhauntĒ is over. And the rest of the year itís quiet. Maybe our JULE is the next but really the last! I wonít think about it. Some of our puppies know the new families, others have to wait. Our Big Boss said heís watching our new families. He wants that weíre ok. Letís see who is in the next 4 weeks here.

Some of the last babies who are moved out send us mails and pictures. They are very happy. This you can see in a short time on the new paw on our web site. I give you a report about the babies next time.

Our Team in 2007

I mentioned that I am the boss of our animal quintet.
I can tell you it´s a hard job.
Fortunately I am balanced and calm otherwise I couldn´t handle this thing.
Now I want to intruduce my team.
First of all there is our JANOSCH.

Bolonka Zwetna Actually he is a nice guy if he weren´t so vain.
Within the little time he is a member of our team he has his third coat.
When we picked him up he had nature coat. After a month he trys to copy
me with blond highlights. And now he trys brown hair which looks like
good milk chocolate.
I am agog which colors he will try in the near future.
By the way, he is very incommunicate against my BigBoss.
But that doesn´t surprises me because we as women are much
more interesting for him.
Well, JANOSCH is a foreigner. Since he lives here he understands the german
language as good as our three youngest team members INA, JULE and BONEY.

These three came from the country which brews good beer and where the river Moldau flows, too.
I hope you know which country I mean.

Bolonka Zwetna Secondly there is INA. My Boss named her INA because her birth name is Iluse and this
name doesn´t fit to such a pretty chocolate brown girl. I heard my boss say
that INA is going to cockaigne. Well, but she doesn´t have any table manners.
By the time we get our forage nobody can stop the three girls INA, JULE and BONEY.
If they eat that much for another half year they won´t be that thin.
I doubt that I can teach them good table manners.
Well, it is doozy how fashionable INA looks. A chocolate brown costume
with a white fleck on her chest and white feet. But the highlight is a
whiff of white on her tail. I think thats some kind of overkill.
Instead she should lern very quickly not to pee and poop all around.
Bolonka Zwetna
Bolonka Zwetna JULE is the last but one in our quintet. My BigBoss said five dogs are enough.
It is needless to say that JULE is chocolate brown too so I have to look very
accurate to draw a distinction between both girls. Well, my BigBoss holds that
whith INA, JULE and BONEY fresh russian BOLONKA blood is coming to Thuringia.
I think I get that.
The fact that BONEY became a member of our team was a stroke of luck
for her. Actually she had already a new family but apparently that
shouldn´t happen. My bosses wife thought this little puppy
was so cute so we went back home as a quintet.
It looks like BONEY is the smallest of us but she´s often
very cheeky.
Bolonka Zwetna
Bolonka Zwetna
Jule´s mum.
By the way, INA, JULE and BONEY are half brothers and sisters. They have
the same father named Ladushki Ornament. He was born in Russia. JULE´s mom
is russian named Ladushki, too. It seems the Ladushkis are in great demand in
Russia so you can find them in Germay, Europe and the hole world more often now.
Here the three have to accustom to Thuringia water but I think that should´nt
be that difficult to them. Because in Russia they booze, too ... water.

Unser Bolonka-Team im Jahre 2008

Bolonka Zwetna
Aus unseren Russenmädchen JULE, INA und BONEY sind ja inzwischen junge Frauen geworden.
JULE hatte zwischenzeitlich auch schon 2 Kinder von JANOSCH. Ganz süße Fratzen, der BORIS und die BIRTE. Seit dieser Woche sind sie, nach 12 Wochen, aus dem Haus.
Denke ja, das sie uns ab und zu mal besuchen, denn sie wohnen nicht weit weg von Meiningen.
BORIS wohnt in Suhl und BIRTE ist nach Wasungen, kennt Ihr ja vom Karneval, gezogen.Ich glaube, denen geht es in ihren neuen Familien ganz gut.

In den vergangenen Monaten waren wir viel auf Reisen und haben diverse Ausstellungen besucht. War nicht immer leicht, gegen die Konkurrenz gut auszusehen, aber unser BigBoss und die Chefin haben uns immer Top vorbereitet. Da konnten wir schon erfolgreich einige Titel einsammeln. Stolz bin ich ja auf meine Ayleen. Die hat unser BigBoss in unserem Team gelassen. Manchmal verwechselt uns sogar die Chefin, so ähnlich sieht mir die AYLEEN.
Auf Ihrer ersten Ausstellung in Unterfranken hat sie gleich den Titel geholt. BigBoss war mächtig stolz auf mein Mädchen.

Bolonka Zwetna
Bolonka Zwetna
Auf Ausstellungen wird man uns dieses Jahr nicht so oft sehen, denn unsere INA und später die BONEY erwarten ihre ersten Babys. Da kommt wieder Leben in die Bude.
Aber im September, das hat uns BigBoss versprochen, fahren wir nach Dresden zur Kleintiermesse. Dort wird man uns am 27. 09.2008 bewundern können.

Mach jetzt erst mal Sommerpause und melde mich im Herbst wieder.