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Bolonka Zwetna


We have puppies!


Here is an overview of our puppets from 2015. Actually we have just 3 bolonka puppets with the color goldsable and black/white. In the next month we expect our last litter for 2015.


These easter bunnies - sorry, easter bolonkas are searching for a tender family.


Eventual, we can inform you, that our puppies are born. Mothers and children are fit and well.
Why this info comes so late?
After the birth of our puppies we always wait three weeks before giving this information to handle the first days after birth calmly. If you intend to bring a bolonka in, you can get in touch with us
Some puppies in black, brown and cream are remain up for grabs.
We love to welcome you on a visit to our family.


Welcome in the year 2014!
We are looking forward to the 80.000 visitor of our homepage. A nice achievement for our Bolonka-Zwetna-Team. Three of our girls will give birth to their babies at the end of January respectively at the begin of February. Of course, we hope that all of the babies are healthy and be born without problems.
All interested families will be informed, needless to say.


Quickly, our 3 girls Paula, Pearly-Sue and Phillis found a new home.
The new families in Lohr (Main), Ingolstadt and Schüttorf are impatient getting their bolonka puppies mid-february. Interested families have to wait for our new puppies who announced oneself for the end of january and mid-february.


You are still searching for a bolonka-puppie?
Our veterinary proofed it.
At the beginning of carnival (11th November) we expect 4 little puppies.
Sometimes they're 5, but this is rare. So, we should let ourselfes be surprised.
Interested parties can contact us at any time.

Our little bolonka girl Natasche is still searching for a new home.
She's healthy, inoculated, dewormed, has a chip and naturally has a pedigree.
She can leave our house short.

If you are interested you can call us or send an email.


Your are still in search of a Bolonka-Puppie for this spring?
Maybe I can help you. For 4 days we have four little puppies in our house extended our team. They are black with white signs. In the middle of April they can leave our house to join in a thoughful family. We expect to have another litter in the next few days.

If you are intersted call us or send us an detailed mail.


Where are our puppies from the end of November? A lot of interested will ask this question themselves.
Only one of them is left. All other puppies have found a new home in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Great Britain. They'll leave our house at the end of March.
But for all who are interested: We expect to have babies from two of our bolonkas between the 10th and 15th January. So it is profitable to check us.

Pictures? Can you find


All of our Bolonka-Puppiesfound a lovely home this year, so we announce the last puppies for this year end of november amd middle of december. This means a lot of puppies for us at christmas. Until march 2013 this puppies will stay at our home. You want to start in 2013 with a Bolonka-Puppie? Then contact us on our homepage or via phone.


Open your eyes!

We're sorry, but this year all families havent received a Bolonka from us. Some are waiting for the next puppies.And other families want a puppy in spring. Unfortunately there are many non-serious grower. Please, follow the next points, that your dog has a luckily life.It isn't possible, that only your vet is happy about your dog.

1. Ask the owners, if the parents have some papers (pedigree).This should come from the discipline office.
2. To get the papers for his dogs the grower must be in a club.
3. Many grower are saying:"If you would not to breed, then you need no papers." But this is shit!With the pedigrees you can see where you're puppy is coming from and who the parents are. That's very important.
4. Listen exactly the price-diffrence between a puppy with and without papers.Is it more than 50€ than it's very non-serious.
5. A pedigree costs around 20€ to 40€. The people who give you such non-serious offers are these who have noone, very often.
6. Don't buy a dog who has no european (blue) vaccination certificate.
7. Don't buy a dog without contract!Read the contract exactly and ask the grower if something is blurred.
8. Regard for allinjections and dewormings!Missing dewormings can end very bad for little puppys. Often they're becoming sick or die.
9. Before you get the puppy home, the grower should go to the vet before, so that he can confirm that the puppy is healthy.

Have a look by the grower, let you show all. A good grower has no problems with that! if you have questions, then call me. We're very interessted to meet the new families from our puppies. If you follow these point, I'm sire that you will have a healthy and happy puppie.


This was the big Bolonka-Meeting 2012.
Truely a red-hot battle.Temperatures of over 35 degree.
A little bit abatement were just managed by the light wind.
But all overcame it with a lot of water and suncream very well.
The amount of makers were with around 60 the same as last year.
Especially about the honor cup to Austria and the visitors from Luxembourg, which spontaneous set off, we were very happy.
Pictures from the Bolonka-Meeting 2012 you can find briefly on this homepage.


It was a exciting weekend.
And we have good news, our team has 5 more members.
Another good message is, that 2 of this 5 are free to get a new home. (2 lovely beige girls)
Otherwise it means waiting until middle or end of June for the puppies from our Ayleen and Lotte.


At the big dog show of the IHV at the 22.04.2012 in Leipzig (Germany), our dogs Rocky "von der Kreuzbergquelle" and Kati "von Romanows Bernstein got their breeding license. That means our Rocky is now availible as stud.(with pedigree)

Rocky Katy


We expect babies in the end of mai.
Those who are interested in should get in touch with us via the contact form.


Our Urmel found a sweet new home in Malta!


Today, since midday, it's certain that eight, little, hungry Bolonka-Puppies
will wait for their presents at christmas eve.
Already sunday morning our Ayleen surprised us by five puppies and today, four hours of birth were a long time, our Julitschka added three more Bolonka-Puppies to our joy. Until february they'll stay in the house most of the time. Ayleen's puppies, three girls and two boys, enjoy to be in the best of health.
With weights between 140 and 160 gram they started in their exciting life.


Faster than expected, three of our four puppies have found a new home.
Only one little, black Bolonka-puppie with white signs is to dispense.


We still habe 3 cute puppies to dispense! Our slogan: Black is beatyful.



Our 3rd international Bolonka-Meeting is over!
It was very successful, but not perfect. Thats the fault of a little bit rain about noon. We had 65 Bolonkas, especially mentionable from the Netherlands and Austria. We had never before so much Bolonkas on our event. And, we had a prize for a very speacial visitor from Alabama, Carol Vaux!

You were visitor on our event in Meiningen and you liked it? Then tell your friends or write it in the internet. We'd like to salute 100 Bolonkas in the next year 2012!
Last but not least I want to say thank you to all who helped me and my family on this even!


Our Boney has born 4 puppies. All of them are male. There are 3 black ones and one brown puppie.
All are doing well. Who wants a girl who has to wait another week, then our Ina will bring their puppies to the world.

Welpen Boney
Welpen Boney


We expect Babies from our Boney and the male dog Graf Koks. Appointed time is June.
Furthermore we expect babies from our Ina in the same time.
Interested parties can contact us by now.

Boney Graf Koks


All of the puppies from our Ayleen are assigned.
Quendolina moves to Leoben in Austria and the little Quincy goes to the Netherlands.
We expect puppies from our Boney and Ina in June.


Yesterday midday our Ayleen gave birth to four cute puppies.
Two boys and two girls rejoice in best healthiness. The interested parties were fast, so one black boy is already assgned to Berlin and one brown girl to Athen. You can apply for a brown boy QUINCY and for the black girl QWENDOLINA.

Welpen Ayleen
Welpen Ayleen
Welpen Ayleen


We have a new member in our Bolonka-Team: KATY von Romanow’s Bernsteinen. She has already integrated well!

Katy Katy


All of our P - puppies found a new lovely home. Now, we expect babies in the middle of April from our Ayleen and Antonio.



The 1st January 2011 should be the date, but our "Felicitas von der Kreuzbergquelle" don't want to wait so long. Today, on the 28th December 2010 between 00:35 and 04:30 she gave birth to 4 little puppies. PAUL (black), PITT (beige), PEGGY (beige) and POLLY (black) were born with a weight between 125 and 160 gramm.
Felicitas and her babies are in good health.

Felicitas Felicitas


2 black boys, Olli and Orwell and the lovely blond Oraya would like to celebrate New Year's Eve in a new family.

OLLI (allocated)
ORAYA (allocated)

"Danke", that is german for "thanks"! We want to thank all visotors we had, because in the last 3 years we had 20.000 visitors! Danke!


Hello, our INA got babies! Between 01:45 and 04:15 she gave birth to to 4 cute babies: Max, Moritz, Manja and Mylow! They weigh between 168g and 188g. They're all black, only Moritz is blond.


The Bolonka Show is Over!

What for a nice Sunday! On Saturday god asked me when I want the nice weather, on Sunday for the Bolonka-Show or on Monday to my 60th birthday. I said to him that I would choose Sunday and not Monday. God consented.


The weather was brilliant, it was very hot and no rain. All “Bollies” were very happy. For the animal home we collect ca. 200€ and remitted it to them.


We were really happy fort the big participation and the many visitors. Everything was nice! All animals and people were very kind, no barking no stress. And our judge was in conflict with himself for the 1st places, but everybody was contented with his judges. Tell it to everybody, who wasn’t here this year!

If you want we can see us in the next year for the 2nd thuringian Bolonka-Meeting on Sunday 19th 09.2010. If you’re interested then send me your e-mail address and I will inform you.


Do you want to see little Bolonkas and Bolonka-Babies?
Then you are right in Meiningen, Germany at the 20th Septermber 2009. There will be competend judges and thüringian specialties. If you are interested send an E-Mail or call us, please.


Here you can see our puppies which still serching for a new home.
More information under


Only 6 of our sweet puppies are still interested in a new home. 3 boys in black and brown. Also 2 girls in blond and one girl in brown.

Welpen Welpen


A few of our puppies still found a new home. The other little puppes are waiting for nice lordlings. The best is you call us unaccommodating.


Our little Boney give birth to Harry and Hermine from Hogwards, yesterday. Hillery and Helena completed the quartet. The babies feel well. They weigh between 150g and 180g.


At Saturday the 30.01. 2009 between 10 o'Clock and 13 o'Clock our Ina give birth to 4 babies. They are 3 boys and 1 girl. They weigh between 150g and 160g.


Yesterday at the evening between 16:30 and 20:15 our Ayleen give birth to 4 little puppies. All puppie are bright and dark brown. The father of this puppies is the czech rude "Libor Black Hekate". This dog is from "Kitzingen" from the family "Metzger". Contact: +499321/920066 For more information look at "Puppies".

Papa Libor
Ayleen mit Babys


Yesterday between 15 and 18 o'clock our Ina give birth to 4 little puppies. They are two boys and two girls. They weigh between 140g and 170g.The two girls are called Claire and Cassy. The two boys are called Carlos and Curtis.The mother and the children are feeling well.
All those interested can report in the next few days.

Ina's puppies.


On 23.06.2008 we get offspring from our World and - Europechampion INA.
The father is the Europechampion JANOSCH.
Interested persons are under "contact".

Our dogs you see in the pet trade fair on 27.09.2008 in Dresden.

Daddy Janosch Mum INA


Our little puppy Boris has found a new home on Friday.
Now, only our little puppy Birthe is serching for a new home.


From the middle of may two sweet puppies are looking for a new home!
Asina Banjas Nachwuchs


My little girl Julitschka is heavy with young. We expect the birth on first week of march.
Potential buyers should contact us within the next 14 days.
With a reservation you can see the puppies first after around four weeks after birth.


Our little Bolonka girl ASINA is looking for a new home from November 20th.
Her parents are Banja (Champion of Europe) and the multiple awardes male dog Janosch.
Asina Banjas puppies


By order of a friendly breeder I´m selling four little Bolonka puppies from 1st october.
They descend from an acceptet breed and they have all papers an an international bill of health. Pictures coming briefly.
In the middle of november I´m selling two of my little Bolonka girls. Their parents descend from my kennel and at the age of 10 weeks.
Both are dewormed and have all neccessary inoculations.
You can see new pictures in the galery soon. Their parents are Banja and Janosch.

24.09.2007 - Our appereance on TV!

On Saturday 22nd 2007 you could have seen us on Sat.1 at 5 p.m.
It was one day after the birthday of our BigBoss.
More precisely, he and our Boney. She absolutely is the most photogenic one of us.
Our appereance wasn´t that long but which Bolonka Zwetna can be seen on TV!
The report can be seen on the internet. Just visit the homepage of "Sat.1 Automagazin" and search for the short article "repairs in Poland". Our team and I thougt it was good.
Yours, Banja
PS: By the way,my four girls are in good shape. Our ANJA weights already 620 gramme.
Just with my milk and after only 16 days!


Hello, I´m Boney and aunt since last friday. I just wanted you to show,
what I found in Banjas dog basket. Four little girls, one prettier than the other.
Banjas Nachwuchs Boney Boney Boney


Hello, I´´m back again and in good shape.
Last week we went to veterinarian and he told us, that I´m going to give birth to 3 or 4
little puppies. I´m a little nervous but my BigBoss told me it´s going to be all fine.
I´m hoping to show you the first pictures soon.
By the way, I almost forgot to tell you about the show in Pullman City in Hasselfelde.
Once again Ina was the best and became a very good valuation. But its getting better.
Ina, Jule and I won the so called "Championatstitel" and now we are the youngest champions.


To all Bolonka breeder, owner and interested people.
On August 11th a big dog show takes place in the western park "Pullman´City" in Hasselfelde/Harz.
We´re expected to be there. Maybe we can get a juicy peace of buffalo meat.
I you feel like to come we would be glad to meet you there.

03.07.2007 - Successful in Sebnitz

Now we are all knocked out.
Two Shows in two weeks time, we were absolutely shattered when we got home.
But we were successful. Our INA came off as a winner for worlds best class of youngest in 2007.
We were so happy. Weather was fine too so we could be outside most of the time.
Of course, many visitors came to see our Bolonka dreamship but we have to accustom to that.


Today we´re going to travel:
We, the Bolonka-Zwetna TEAM of Kreuzbergquelle, are on the road since last weekend with
our old (new) travelling hotel. Our BigBoss worked for weeks with the aid of the
company "Holztechnik Schüler" in Frankenheim. This self made caravan
(year of construction 1981) was built, restored and designed in Weinböhla
Saxony. Everywhere we´re appear all people are amazed.
So if you see our Bolonka - trailer somewhere, the Bolonka Zwetna Team
from Meinigen is on the road.
Unser fahrbars Hotel Unser fahrbars Hotel


Dog show in Horka - we were very successful.
On Sunday we went to the show of IHV in Horka and we did a good job.
Well, we were well prepared. Four of five took part and the result of this
event is three times VV1 winner of germany 2007 and one time VV2 winner of Saxony 2007.
JULE could have win a VV1 too but in direct comparision to INA she was a little bit better.
In Leipzig it was converse.
Next weekend we´re going to Sebnitz.
We´ll see what the judges think about us.


The 7th annual european BOLONKA meeting takes place on june 30th in 01855 Sebnitz! We have to go there!


On Saturday 21th of April we went to Leipzig to the international dog show.
We were very successfull. Ous sweety JULE has been the winner of europe 2007,
JANOSCH and INA are winner of germany 2007.
And I (BANJA) have the permission to become pregnant. But that can wait.


Hello, there is something going on! In three weeks time we´re going to go
to Leipzip to the international dog show. We have our grand entrance on saturday evening.
I think we BOLONKAS will have good chances in the ring. In autumn JANOSCH won bronze among
over 30 other BOLONKA´s who took part in the show, too.
This time all 5 of us take part in the show. The breeders wife was groaing "what will
cost us this show again". Well, we will be on our´s best behaviour and perhaps
one of us will win bronze or better.


So, yesterday was the big day for us. We went to Steinfurt to the show.
JANOSCH an INA where very successful. After the show we went home with two
winners of europe, very good reports from the judges (Vv) and three cups.
By the way: It was INA´s first experience in the ring.
And as I expected, most visitors didn´t know our breed of dog.


Four little Bolonka – puppies are searching for a new home from 4th April 2007.
The dogs came from a dog breeder friend of mine.

Bolonka Zwetna Bolonka Zwetna


On march 28th our team is going to drive to the international
europe winner show to 48565 Steinfurt.
Steinfurt is located in Nordrhein-Westfalen near Niedersachsen.
Lets see whether they already know our breed of dog.
Anyway we´ll give our best.
Next week I will inform you about the results.